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The 5 most important reasons for your child to start Breaking (Break Dance)

Firstly what is Breaking ? Breaking is a type of dance that combines steps, figures, art, musicality, creativity and athleticism. The kinesiology is so rich and large that you need several years to implement a large percentage of the basic steps and figures. No Bboy or Bgirl will reach the limit of their moves, because quite simply in Breaking there are no limits. As creativity is a big part of Breaking, even if you have been dancing for 15 years you can create new moves and new ideas. But what are the benefits for a child to start Breaking? 1. Motion As we know, the child's energy is very high and Breaking requires a lot of energy as we use all the limbs of the body. The skills it requires are balance, timing, strength, explosiveness and speed. Thus, by combining all the skills, we achieve a great consumption of both physical and mental energy, since the children have fun and create through movement. 2. Creativity We also mentioned in the introduction that creativity is one of the most basic elements of Breaking. Basically, perhaps the most basic, as the whole point is for children to create their own ideas and variations based on the basic steps. This is how we see that each child creates in a different way since we are all different people. This is how we greatly activate the child's imagination by building their character through Breaking. 3. Socialize/ Create friendship As man is a social being, one of the strongest values that Breaking wants to promote is "Unity". As a result, it brings the children closer and they can share their ideas, their figures, their movements and create a beautiful atmosphere in the space. What is more positive and beautiful for children, to exchange their art through movement and create friendships. 4. Musicality Apart from the fact that Breaking has such an enriched vocabulary and high demands on proper technique, the icing on the cake is executing your figures in rhythm. Thus giving much more value and power to the movement itself, as the music makes each movement have more substance. Without music there is no dance and the combination of movements with music can create unforgettable moments. In Breaking it is known that the DJs are responsible for the music. 5. Motivations and goals Progress in life is a feeling in which it plays an important role in the development of the child. More or less all of us have the need to progress in anything in life, be it work, or a certain relationship, or a certain sport. So through Breaking there is a high degree of this feeling, as in Breaking you can never reach your limits, there is always room for improvement and success. All Bboys and Bgirls remember reaching their favorite figure and winning their first battle, simply because these feelings bring nothing but joy. The article was written by Pavlos Papadopoulos.Owner of Endless Breaking Studio.Larnaca, Ermias 3, 6046 Snapshots from my May 2023 workouts.

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