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Bboy Indelible Mark brings fire in Italy by winning 1st Place at TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT !!

Markos Christodoulou aged 9, after winning together with Odysseus Antonatos at UDO Cyprus in March 2023, claimed his place by attending free 5-day seminars at the Camp called ''The Bboy Form'' in Italy/Rome. In addition to the dance seminars, the Camp also included Battles, so Markos or Indelible Mark took part in the category TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, Rookies, 7 To Smoke. In this category 7 guys battle each other one on one, the winner stays in the Battle and the loser goes back in line until it's their turn again. The first child to collect 7 points is the winner! So Markos claimed his victory with 6 consecutive victoriess, thenn with 1 more victory and ended 7 to smoke! The prize was none other than free participationinr BootCamp 2024 ! ! Our warmest congratulations to Marcos for his impeccable appearance, we wish him to continue his hard work and continue to pursue his dreams ! Check out one of the Indelible Mark Rounds below!

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